There has been a lot of it about in London recently.

Chris Hoy, Gold medalsGold!
Image Credit: BBC

Thousands have pushed themselves to their absolute limits in order to have some hung around their necks.

Millions more have watched in awe as they did so.

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A Curious Journey

The silence felt like it would match the silence Mars Science laboratory had experienced over the last 8 months.

London is rarely quiet but waiting for a bus to appear in the early morning gloom of 4.30am is about as silent as it gets.

A curious Journey, empty underground, District lineThe Silence of london.

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A Simple Device

It is a simple device really.

Sitting in my Den,


It has few parts, certainly only a dozen major components.

Anyone can use it.

Which is probably what makes it such a dangerous object.

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So what about those UFOs?

It’s a question I get asked regularly.

I was asked again yesterday.

In a way I suppose at it’s heart is one of the most fundamental questions humanity has.

Inevitably I’m eating when someone asks me.

Big morsel of lunch just starting to get on famously with my mouth.

“So what about those UFOs then?”

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Supermoon. Grrrr!

There is a lot of anger in astronomy.

It’s there under the surface, bubbling away like a storm in the lower atmosphere of Jupiter.

Much of it is weather related; the frustration of UK astronomers, of late, is deep and bitter.  If clouds could be cleared with hard, angry stares we would be bathed in sunshine and starlight.

Some of it is the endless series of pitfalls and hiccups that beset your nights observation.  The scope that refuses to align, the red torch whose battery fails, the dropped and shattered pencil, the dreaded dew descending on your precious lenses.

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