Awesome Astronomy is the podcast for anyone and everyone who has an interest in science and astronomy.

Paul, Ralph & Jen will bring you the most graphic description available in podcastland of what's above your head every month, and what you can expect to see for yourself.

Brought to you from an underground bunker buried deep beneath the highly controversial and perfectly ordinary Cydonia region of Mars (just a stone's throw from the 'Face on Mars', there's really nothing to see here ... honest!), you can expect in-depth astronomy knowledge, space and science news, spectacular interviews and any of your astronomy questions answered.

As all presenters have been accused of being a little sceptical in the past, you can also expect everything to be fact-based but frivolous - okay, don't ask us about the 'Face on Mars'.

But don't think this is all about us. tell us what you want in the show. Send us your astronomy questions and make us work for your support!