Andrew Symes

Andrew has been observing the night sky since 1994 and photographing it since 1997. Located in Ottawa,Canada, Andrew is passionate about communicating the beauty of the night sky and the adventures of human and robotic spaceflight. 

Most fond of planetary and solar observing, Andrew can usually be found outside with his 8" SCT telescope gazing at the Moon or the planets or observing the sun with his Coronado H-alpha solar telescope.

For more of Andrew's writing and photography, read his blog CanadianAstronomy and check out his photos on Flickr.

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Daniel Zalec

Daniel grew up in the Mallee Region of North West Victoria, Australia, with pristine views of the Southern Hemisphere night sky. He spent countless nights gazing upwards, whilst supplementing his fascination for the Universe by reading books and watching documentaries on Astronomy, along with many other scientific subjects. He also enjoys Science Fiction. 
Daniel graduated from Griffith University in 2007 with a BA in Literature and Composition; and also earned an MA in Writing from Swinburne University of Technology in 2010. He is a member of Australian Science Communicators and currently works as a Freelance Writer
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Zantippy Skiphop

Zantippy has always focused her interests around exploring our star system, galaxy, and universe. Her M.S. is in Marine Biology, and her graduate paper was devoted to understanding the minerals found on Mars by the rover, Opportunity - minerals that were made and altered by reaction with salty water. The paper was focused on the kind of microbes that could have lived in these very saline waters. 
Zantippy writes non-fiction and science fiction, so she gets to think about astronomy all day, every day. Every clear night, Zantippy spends time alone watching the stars, planets, and galaxies. She wonders what the weather is like at that moment on other planets and moons, who may live there, and she assumes that at that moment, beings of other star systems are also wondering if others are alive in the universe. Then she goes back inside her terrestrial home in Florida to live her own life with her husband, ducks, and rabbits.
Her astronomical musings and insights can be found at 'For the Geek in Everyone', while more information on Zantippy and her poetic friend, Iguana, can be found here. 
Zantippy is Active Astronomy's official Curiosity Rover and astrobiology correspondent.